Australian Dollars (AUD) To US Dollars (USD)

When looking to convert AUD to USD, there are a few things you need to know. First, the Australian dollar is currently worth more than the US dollar. This means that when you convert AUD to USD, you will get more US dollars for your money. Second, the exchange rate between the two currencies changes all the time.

Converter Australian Dollars (AUD) to US Dollars (USD)

For the aud to usd converter, simply enter the amount of Australian Dollars you wish to convert into US dollars and click ‘Calculate’. The aud usd conversion result will immediately appear in the box below.

AUD to USD Chart

Use this tool to compare the exchange rates of AUD and USD over time. Simply select a time period on the chart and you will see how the two currencies have traded against each other during that time.

You can use this tool to help you make informed decisions about when to buy or sell AUD or USD.

AUD/USD Exchange Rate

When you want to know how much australian dollar is worth in us dollars or vice versa, you need to look at the aud to usd conversion rate

Australian Dollar = 0.7146 US Dollars

1 AUD = 0.7146 USD

5 AUD = 3.573 USD

10 AUD = 7.146 USD

25 AUD = 17.864 USD

50 AUD = 35.728 USD

100 AUD = 71.457 USD

250 AUD = 178.642 USD

500 AUD = 357.283 USD


How often does the aud to usd exchange rate change?

The aud to usd exchange rate changes all the time. You can use our aud to usd converter to get an up-to-date exchange rate.

How much is 1 aud in us dollars?

1 AUD = 0.7146 USD

5 AUD = 3.573 USD

Where can I get the best aud to usd exchange rate?

There is no one ‘best’ aud to usd exchange rate. The rate that you get will depend on a number of factors, including where you are converting your money and how you want to receive it.

Do I need to pay any fees when converting aud to usd?

No, our AUD to USD converter is completely free to use. There are no hidden fees or charges.

What is the AUD to USD exchange rate today?

The AUD to USD exchange rate changes all the time. You can use our aud to usd converter to get an up-to-date exchange rate.

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