Euros (EUR) To British Pounds (GBP)

EUR/GBP represents the value of European money in English money and it is calculated by the divide of two currencies. GBP is included in the list of the world’s reserve currencies.

The EUR to GBP converter will show you the current EUR/GBP exchange rate and also the historical rates for the past few years.

Converter Eurous (EUR) to British Pounds (GBP)

The EUR-GBP converter is very easy to use. All you need to do is enter the amount of EUR you want to convert and click on “convert”. The result will appear automatically in British pounds (GBP). You can also choose the reverse direction (GBP toEUR).

EUR to GBP Chart

The following EUR/GBP chart represents the value of EUR in GBP – British pounds for different periods of time. This will help you to understand how much is eur worth in English money. The table shows eur to gbp exchange rate history.

EUR/GBP Exchange Rate

Date EUR/GBP Exchange Rate

1 EUR = 0.87931 GBP

10 EUR = 8.79310 GBP

100 EUR = 87.9310 GBP

1000 EUR = 879.31 GBP

10000 EUR = 8793.1 GBP


When is the best time to convert eur to gbp?

The best time to convert EUR to GBP is when the market is stable.

What is eur to gbp exchange rate?

The eur to gbp exchange rate is the amount of GBP you will get for 1 EUR.

How do I convert eur to gbp?

You can convert eur to gbp using our converter above. All you need to do is enter the amount of EUR you want to convert.

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