British Pounds (GBP) To Norwegian Kroner (NOK)

If you’re traveling to Norway from the UK, or making a purchase from a Norwegian company, it’s important to know how to convert British pounds (GBP) into Norwegian kroner (NOK). The current exchange rate is around 9.5 NOK to 1 GBP, though this can fluctuate.

Converter British Pounds (GBP) to Norwegian Kroner (NOK)

To convert GBP to NOK, divide the GBP amount by the current exchange rate.

For example, if you have 100 GBP and the current exchange rate is 9.5 NOK to 1 GBP, you would divide 100 by 9.5 to get 105.26 Norwegian kroner.

You can use an online currency converter to find the most up-to-date exchange rate.

When travelling from the UK to Norway, it’s also important to be aware of any customs charges that may apply. The Norwegian government website has a list of all customs charges and taxes that may apply to your purchase.

GBP to NOK Chart

The GBP/NOK chart below shows the exchange rate for the past week. Hover over the line to see the exchange rate for a specific day.

GBP/NOK Exchange Rate

1 GBP = 9.5 NOK

2 GBP = 19.0 NOK

3 GBP = 28.5 NOK

4 GBP = 38.0 NOK

5 GBP = 47.5 NOK

6 GBP = 57.0 NOK

7 GBP = 66.5 NOK

8 GBP = 76.0 NOK

9 GBP = 85.5 NOK

10 GBP= 95.0NOK


How many Norwegian krone are in a pound?

There are 105.26 Norwegian krone in a pound.

Why is the Norwegian krone so weak?

Some experts predict that the Norwegian krone will weaken in the coming months due to a number of factors, including high oil prices, a strong economy and Brexit.

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